Marble kitchens with stone benchtops are very much on-trend in most Australian houses right now. Stone benchtops are functional and aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen.

Benchtops are the most commonly used places in an Australian home. For this reason, stone is one of the most elegant and durable materials used in making a benchtop. Unfortunately, normal wear and tear do happen when food spills and cracks from fallen items can harm a benchtop. If the stone benchtop is unmaintained, holes and cracks damage the beauty and elegance of a stone kitchen benchtop.

The good news is, you can restore your benchtop to make it look and function as good as new with just a few steps. In this article, we have listed ways on how to restore your kitchen benchtop. Read on!

  1. The first step in restoring your stone benchtop is by giving it a thorough clean. You can use a mild detergent or specialized stone cleaner for the best results. Make sure to remove all stains and dirt on the surface before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Second, use a stone wax removal product to eradicate any unwanted wax on the surface. After this process, you will need to wipe the stone benchtop’s surface with a wet soft cloth and leave it to dry.
  3. Once the stone benchtop is dry, use a stone sealer and apply it to the surface of your benchtop. You also have to make sure that the coating is even and remove any remaining residue before leaving it to dry completely.

How to know if your stone benchtop needs restoring

Though stone benchtops are praised for their stunning looks, easy maintenance, and durability, over time, the daily wear and tear can bring down even the most reliable and resilient materials. When this happens, restoration must be done to get your stone benchtop looking its best again. How will you know that your kitchen benchtop needs restoring? Here are the important points or visible signs you should look for.

  • If there are chips and cracks on the surface of your stone benchtop.
  • There are liquids or other stains that are hard to remove.
  • The shine of your benchtop is looking a little dull.
  • It’s lost its original color and beauty

It is a good idea to regularly maintain your stone benchtop a few times a year to keep its look fresh and clean. Whenever spills happen, clean it up immediately and use chopping boards when preparing food instead of placing it directly on the surface. If you find your stone benchtop dull again, simply follow this process to bring it back to its new look!

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