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The Stone Restorer offers a complete and comprehensive stone repair service in Brisbane and Gold Coast. We fix scratches and chips in engineered stone, terrazzo and natural stone.

Is your favourite marble benchtop cracked or granite table damaged? Our stone repair professionals will restore it for you!


Regardless of the type of stone or the damage that requires repair, you can trust the Stone Restorer to restore your damaged stone to an impressive condition.

Stone Benchtop Repairs


Is your Caesarstone or marble benchtop cracked or chipped? The Stone Restorer specialises in stone repairs for both engineered and natural stone benchtops. We can colour match resin to repair cracks and chips in marble, granite, limestone and other natural stone benchtops.

Stone Shower Repairs


We can repair cracks and chips in the stone shower floor and wall tiles, as well as other bathroom surroundings. We employ state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the best results.

Stone Furniture Repairs


Is your favourite marble coffee table cracked, chipped or damaged? Stone furniture can be quite delicate and susceptible to cracks, chips and breaks. Corners are the most vulnerable.

We can fix your stone furniture to match the texture and colour of the stone using special colour pigments, glues, and resins.

Stone Floor Repairs

Sandstone flooring scaled

Are your stone floors or tiles cracked or damaged? Stone floors can sustain damage from items being dropped on the tiles, furniture movement or daily foot traffic. Tile movement and wear of silicon expansion joints can also cause debris to accumulate between the tiles forcing them to become loose and brittle.

The Stone Restorer can properly fix your marble, limestone and terrazzo floor tiles and steps. Our specialists use special resins and glues to fix chips and cracks on your stone floors.

Repairing Different Stone Types – Marble, Granite, Concrete, Sandstone, Limestone & Terrazzo

We can perform simple and complex stone repairs on any type of surfaces such as counters, bench tops, walls, and floors. The Stone Restorer is specialised in caring for and repairing different types of stone:

Our experts can offer professional stone repair services in Gold Coast and Brisbane for all of these types of surfaces that require fixing, cleaning or routine maintenance. We can also repair and clean decorative stone tiles regardless of the style or design.

Why Choose The Stone Restorer to Restore Your Furniture?

  • Friendly and professional service
  • We work on both indoor and outdoor projects
  • Expert knowledge in stone repair and maintenance
  • Over 10 years of industry experience
  • 5-year guarantee

If your favourite marble or granite benchtop is cracked or damaged, our stone repair professionals will restore it for you!

Stone Repair FAQs

We repair damaged stonework using special resins, glues, and colour pigments.
Natural stone can be repaired with the help of professional stone repair services.
Cracked stone can be easily repaired using special glues and resins that match the colour of the existing stone.
Stone bricks require careful alignment so that the existing patterns can be maintained. The process is the same for repairing cracked stone above.
Stone restoration is the process of fixing worn out or damaged stone surfaces.
Reconditioning stone involves an intricate process of repair, cleaning and polishing for a beautiful natural finish.


The Stone Restorer Client - Christopher Wood

I contacted three contractors for a quote, 1 sounded great over the phone but never followed up & another one told me he was too busy. All the Google reviews about Olav and his team are 100% accurate. Olav was the only one to view the job in person, was friendly, easy to deal with, gave great advice, & was very knowledgeable. The price was very competitive. I had accidentally used the wrong cleaning product on the marble tiles leaving them with lots of “etching” (see pics). The dark tiles with the original gloss finish were a nightmare showing every tiny scratch and had several cracks/chips. I had them redone with the “honed” finish and couldn’t be happier. My advice would be to save time/hassle and just go with Olav/The Stone Restorer.

Kristopher Wood

This father and son crew were an absolute pleasure to work with! From the very first point of contact Olav was always friendly, professional and gave us so many maintenance and after care tips to keep our stone surfaces looking amazing for many years to come. We would definitely use The Stone Restorer again and would recommend to even our closest family and friends. They went above and beyond what we were invoiced for!

Sean Saville
The Stone Restorer Client - Hirschfeld

Olav was quick at responding and much more competitive than other operators, but also very friendly and easy to deal with. Would be happy to work with him again and recommend! Thanks

Hayley Hirschfeld

We would highly recommend The Stone Restorer, very easy to deal with being prompt with our initial enquiry, reliable and pleasant. A wonderful job was done on our Limestone floor removing a large acidic stain and other general stains on the kitchen floor. Very happy customers.

Peter Floyd





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