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Granite is commonly used for kitchen flooring and benchtops as it does not wear out quickly and is easy to clean. Although granite is known for being strong and durable, it still needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly in order for it to maintain its strength and appearance.

At The Stone Restorer, we can help you restore old and worn out granite surfaces without having to replace or install new ones.


Granite Restoration Gold Coast And Brisbane

If your granite surfaces have already suffered significant damage like scratching or staining, we can help you restore the granite stone to its original flawless condition, and also protect it for the future. Our repair and polishing process can get rid of all types of blemishes, and enhance the appeal of your granite floor or benchtop.

Make your granite walls and floors look as good as new with our full granite restoration services, polishing, sealing, cleaning, and repairs in Brisbane and Gold Coast.


The Stone Restorer provides a variety of Granite Stone restoration services in Brisbane and Gold Coast, such as:

Granite Stone Cleaning


Granite stone cleaning processes vary depending on the type of surface and level of staining from things like dirt, grime, oil and other contaminants. Our granite stone cleaning services make use of highly-effective and safe stone cleaning techniques and solutions that keep your granite surfaces looking sparkling clean and fresh.

Granite Stone Polishing

Granite x

Although granite is known for its toughness, it’s not impervious to wear and tear. Etching, scratches and dulling eventually take a toll. However, you don’t have to replace your precious granite tops and floors because our professional granite polishing service can help you eliminate these blemishes and imperfections, revealing a brand-new granite coat underneath.

Stone Repairs


Don’t be so quick to replace your cracked, chipped or damaged granite benchtops and floors. The Stone Restorer is more than capable of fixing them for you so that you don’t incur unnecessary costs. We can fix chips and cracks, as well as fill holes in your granite surfaces. We then polish everything when we are done to achieve a nice uniform finish.

Granite Stone Sealing

Basalt on floor Granite on walls

Once your granite stone is fully restored, we recommend that you apply a high-quality sealer to improve stain resistance and durability. Granite is hard, but it’s porous, which means that it still susceptible to wear and tear caused by liquids and objects. Sealing is a smart way of safeguarding your precious investment.


Why Choose Us for Your Granite Floor or Wall Restoration?

  • Highly skilled stone technicians in Brisbane and Gold Coast
  • Experts in Granite Restoration Gold Coast & Brisbane
  • Competitive rates
  • The latest stone care and restoration methods and solutions
  • Friendly and professional services
  • One-stop shop for all your stone restoration needs

If you are looking for professional granite stone restoration services in Brisbane or Gold Coast, look no further than The Stone Restorer.
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Granite Restoration FAQs

Yes. You can restore the lustre of dulling or stained granite countertops with the help of professionals.
The cost of restoring granite countertops, including repair, cleaning, polishing and sealing varies depending on the extent of the damage/wear and surface to be covered.
Professional granite polishing services can help you remove stains and dirt that may be preventing your granite surfaces from shining like they used to.
You can restore your old granite to its original state or condition by using professional granite stone refinishing services in Brisbane or Gold Coast.
It’s advisable to seal your granite surfaces every 1 to 3 years for maximum protection.
Your granite stone will not be able to repeal liquids and other contaminants that may interfere with the appearance of the stone.
Yes. It’s possible to apply a permanent bond sealer to your granite stone.


The Stone Restorer Client - Christopher Wood

I contacted three contractors for a quote, 1 sounded great over the phone but never followed up & another one told me he was too busy. All the Google reviews about Olav and his team are 100% accurate. Olav was the only one to view the job in person, was friendly, easy to deal with, gave great advice, & was very knowledgeable. The price was very competitive. I had accidentally used the wrong cleaning product on the marble tiles leaving them with lots of “etching” (see pics). The dark tiles with the original gloss finish were a nightmare showing every tiny scratch and had several cracks/chips. I had them redone with the “honed” finish and couldn’t be happier. My advice would be to save time/hassle and just go with Olav/The Stone Restorer.

Kristopher Wood

This father and son crew were an absolute pleasure to work with! From the very first point of contact Olav was always friendly, professional and gave us so many maintenance and after care tips to keep our stone surfaces looking amazing for many years to come. We would definitely use The Stone Restorer again and would recommend to even our closest family and friends. They went above and beyond what we were invoiced for!

Sean Saville
The Stone Restorer Client - Hirschfeld

Olav was quick at responding and much more competitive than other operators, but also very friendly and easy to deal with. Would be happy to work with him again and recommend! Thanks

Hayley Hirschfeld

We would highly recommend The Stone Restorer, very easy to deal with being prompt with our initial enquiry, reliable and pleasant. A wonderful job was done on our Limestone floor removing a large acidic stain and other general stains on the kitchen floor. Very happy customers.

Peter Floyd
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