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The Stone Restorer offers professional concrete repair services to restore your concrete surfaces to their former glory. We employ a wide range of techniques like concrete crack injection to offer a permanent and reliable solution.

Concrete Restoration Gold Coast And Brisbane

Concrete Restoration Gold Coast And Brisbane

Our concrete floor and driveway repair experts in Brisbane and Gold Coast have the skills, experience and equipment needed to solve all your concrete problems. With over 10 years of experience in the stone restoration industry, you can depend on us to offer you the best results.

Get your concrete looking good as new! We provide a full range of concrete repairs, polishing, cleaning and sealing services in Brisbane and Gold Coast CALL NOW  📞 0414 469 301.


Concrete is one of the toughest stones used in building and construction. However, as strong as it is, concrete will need some form of repair at some point in its life. We offer a comprehensive range of stone repair and restoration services in Gold Coast and Brisbane, such as:

Concrete Stone Cleaning

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, stone and concrete floors can quickly turn into a bad investment. Our stone care and restoration experts can help you keep your concrete stone in excellent condition through regular cleaning and maintenance. Our service is customised to offer you the best value to avoid unnecessary repairs and restoration expenses.

Concrete Stone Polishing

When installed properly, concrete stone is both durable and appealing to the eye. One way you can make your concrete floors stand out is by grinding, honing and polishing them every so often, to remove any dirt or debris that may be tainting its colour or appearance.

The Stone Restorer offers quality and affordable concrete stone polishing services all across Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Concrete Stone Repairs

The Stone Restorer also specialises in professional structural repair of concrete stone floors and walls. We repair cracked, chipped and damaged concrete stone to restore it to its original pristine condition. We only use the best fillers and equipment when undertaking concrete stone repair tasks. All our experts are highly-skilled in stone and concrete masonry. Our repairs protect your concrete floors from future damage against water ingress and corrosion.

Concrete Stone Sealing

Although concrete is both tough and durable, we highly recommend that you seal your concrete floors to ensure they remain in good condition for many years. Concrete sealing guards against cracking, pitting, and additional damage. We use impregnating concrete sealers that penetrate deep into the surface of the concrete for maximum protection.

Why Choose Us for Your Concrete Floor or Wall Restoration?

  • Highly skilled stone specialists with over 10 years of experience.
  • Qualified experts
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Top of the line services at affordable prices
  • Local company with trusted rating and reviews
  • Free quotes for all stone restoration projects

If you have any questions regarding any of our concrete stone restoration services in Brisbane and Gold Coast, contact us NOW on 📞 0414 469 301.

Concrete Restoration FAQs

We repair damaged concrete with specially formulated fillers and resins that match the texture and colour of your stone.
The average cost for repair is $3 to $8 per square metre but will depend on the condition of the concrete and the size of the area concerned.
Resin injection is the best method to use when repairing concrete that is cracked or damaged.
We first stabilise the existing concrete slab to prevent movement before applying filler in cracks and chipped edges.
Crumbling concrete can be fixed before further damage occurs. It’s advisable to address the problem as soon as possible to prevent a network of random cracks from forming.
To remove stains from concrete floors and driveways, use a pressure washer or hose and a mixture of bleach and water to scrub the surface with a brush.
Professionals use stiff-bristled brushes and stone cleaners to get rid of stubborn stains from concrete surfaces.
For best results, you can restore your concrete stone to its original colour with the help of our professional concrete stone cleaning service.


The Stone Restorer Client - Christopher Wood

I contacted three contractors for a quote, 1 sounded great over the phone but never followed up & another one told me he was too busy. All the Google reviews about Olav and his team are 100% accurate. Olav was the only one to view the job in person, was friendly, easy to deal with, gave great advice, & was very knowledgeable. The price was very competitive. I had accidentally used the wrong cleaning product on the marble tiles leaving them with lots of “etching” (see pics). The dark tiles with the original gloss finish were a nightmare showing every tiny scratch and had several cracks/chips. I had them redone with the “honed” finish and couldn’t be happier. My advice would be to save time/hassle and just go with Olav/The Stone Restorer.

Kristopher Wood

This father and son crew were an absolute pleasure to work with! From the very first point of contact Olav was always friendly, professional and gave us so many maintenance and after care tips to keep our stone surfaces looking amazing for many years to come. We would definitely use The Stone Restorer again and would recommend to even our closest family and friends. They went above and beyond what we were invoiced for!

Sean Saville
The Stone Restorer Client - Hirschfeld

Olav was quick at responding and much more competitive than other operators, but also very friendly and easy to deal with. Would be happy to work with him again and recommend! Thanks

Hayley Hirschfeld

We would highly recommend The Stone Restorer, very easy to deal with being prompt with our initial enquiry, reliable and pleasant. A wonderful job was done on our Limestone floor removing a large acidic stain and other general stains on the kitchen floor. Very happy customers.

Peter Floyd





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