Whether you use it for your floors, walls, kitchen counters, or vanities, stone as a material provides an unmatched air of beauty and luxury to any home. From the humble granite to the opulent marble, stone surfaces are highly regarded for their visual appeal, shine, and durability.

However, like any natural element, stone can start to look scuffed, scratched, and dull over time. If you’re looking to get your stone floor or walls restored, here’s how much stone restoration costs in Brisbane, Australia in 2021.

How much does stone restoration cost?

On average, stone restoration can cost anywhere from $20 to $150 per square meter in Brisbane. The restoration process involves grinding, honing, polishing, and sealing your stone floors or walls.

Several factors can affect the cost of stone restoration such as the size, level of grime, level of wear, lippage, and type of stone. If you want to get a more accurate quote for your stone restoration project, give us a call at 0414 469 301 for a fast free quote.

#1 – Size

The larger your stone area, the more you can expect for the total cost. Stone restoration is usually charged at a per square meter basis, although you can get a unit cost discount if you’re hiring for a large job.

#2 – Level of grime

One of the most laborious tasks in a stone restoration process is cleaning your stone. Removing grime and stains from your floors, walls, or countertops will take hours especially if you don’t regularly have your stone maintained and resealed. The more stained your stone, the higher the costs for restoration.

Although The Stone Restorer can restore your floors to tip-top condition regardless of their initial condition, we still advise that you regularly clean and maintain your stone so you can save on restoration costs.

#3 – Level of wear

Aside from staining, one of the things we look at before quoting a stone restoration job is the level of wear and tear. Floors and countertops that are particularly scratched and scuffed due to constant use and traffic are harder to restore, and would therefore be charged at a higher cost.

#4 – Lippage

Lippage refers to any significant difference in elevation between two adjacent tiles. Lippage is not only unsightly to look at, but can also cause trip accidents. To correct lippage, we use a grinder to level and even out your floors. When you have excessive lippage, expect an additional cost of around $10 to $20 per square meter.

#5 – Type of stone

The cost of stone restoration largely depends on the kind of stone you have. The Stone Restorer works on marble, granite, concrete, sandstone, limestone, and terrazzo. Each stone has a different set of properties and each requires a different approach of care.

  • Marble

Marble is a beautiful and elegant stone but it has a knack for being highly susceptible to staining. Prior to honing and polishing marble, a deep cleaning process is required. Restoring marble costs around $50 to $100 per square meter.

  • Granite

Granite is a tough, affordable, and versatile stone which makes it a popular choice for benchtops in Australian homes. Granite is also often used as an outdoor flooring material. It costs about $35 to $45 per square meter to restore old granite.

  • Concrete

Polished concrete floors add a sleek and simple industrial look to your home. Concrete is tough and can handle heavy loads and traffic, although over time it does tend to dull and lose its shine. The cost of polishing and sealing concrete in Brisbane starts at $20 to $30 per square meter. It’s recommended to have your concrete floors resealed every 2 to 5 years.

The Average Cost Of Stone Restoration In Brisbane, 2021

The Average Cost Of Stone Restoration In Brisbane, 2021

  • Sandstone

Sandstone is another popular flooring material in Australia, known for its durability even for outdoor conditions. Resurfacing and restoring sandstone costs around $30 to $50 per square meter.

  • Limestone

Limestone is a beautiful stone that is often used for interior wall decor. Unlike the other stones in this list, limestone is soft and is prone to scratching and damage, which is why they’re rarely used for flooring especially in high traffic areas. Restoring limestone can be a complicated process so restoration costs are rather expensive at around $100 to $150 per square meter.
To keep your limestone in top shape, here’s how you clean it like a pro.

  • Terrazzo

A conglomerate material made from cement and cut natural stones, you’ll often see terrazzo used as a wall cladding or kitchen flooring. Terrazzo is extremely durable and highly resistant to staining. You’ll only need to polish and reseal terrazzo every few years, which costs around $30 to $70 per square meter.

How do I know if I need to get my stone restored?

Stone walls and floorings are a great investment and they can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. However, if you notice that they are starting to get scratched, stained, and are losing their shine, you might want to consider getting a professional stone restoration service.

The Stone Restorer is Gold Coast and Brisbane’s leading stone restoration specialist. We have been in business since 1987 and offer competitive prices for restoring marble, granite, concrete, sandstone, limestone, and terrazzo. Give us a call at 0414 469 301 or visit our website for a fast free quote. We provide a full range of stone restoration services, as well as maintenance of natural stone.

Can I DIY a stone restoration?

As we’ve mentioned, each stone has a different set of properties and each requires a different approach of care. If you do not have the knowledge and skill that’s fit for your stone, you risk causing further damage that may be costly to correct. Using inappropriate cleaning solutions can cause discolouration and damage to your stone. It’s best to leave a stone restoration to professionals.

The Stone Restorer has the knowledge, skills, and equipment to restore your natural stone to brand new condition. With more than 30 years of experience in the business, we are capable of handling your stone restoration while guaranteeing your peace of mind.

How can I maintain my stone?

When it comes to natural stone, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To avoid, or at least delay, needing to hire a professional restoration service, here are some steps that you can practice to maintain your stone.

  • Sweep regularly to avoid dust and debris build-up
  • Vacuum with a soft brush head attachment to avoid scratching your stone
  • Add mats at door entrances and use rugs under furniture that’s often moved around
  • Never let spills stay unwiped for long
  • Use a specialised cleaning solution that is meant for your particular stone
  • Avoid using soap that can cause streakiness, cloudiness, or a build-up of film
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean
  • For countertops, use coasters to avoid watermarks
  • Get stone floors polished and resealed every few years to avoid expensive and major restoration works

If you need to get your stone floors, walls, or benchtops restored in Gold Coast & Brisbane, you can put your trust in The Stone Restorer. As a renowned expert for many kinds of stone restoration, The Stone Restorer offers top of the line stone restoration work at affordable prices.

Give us a call at 0414 469 301 or visit our website for a fast free quote on your stone restoration project.