Both matte and gloss tiles add a lot of style to a space and are straightforward to clean if you do it correctly. However, which tile is the simplest to clean? Which one makes life easier and requires less effort? You will find out more in this matte vs. gloss tiles article. Please read more below!

Matte Vs. Glossy Tiles

While glossy tiles are shiny and have glazes that cause light reflection, matte tiles make your entire room appear more elegant, reserved, and subtle. They open up and provide the illusion that the space is more extensive, making it ideal for small spaces. They are excellent for older people, crawling infants, and toddlers, especially the bathroom and kitchen tiles, as they are non-slippery.

Glossy tiles, on the other hand, can increase the amount of light in a room if there isn’t enough of it by reflecting light off its surface. They function exactly like a room mirror. Glossy tiles are reasonably simple to clean since all you have to do to make them look brand new is wipe them down.

Pros And Cons Of Using Matte Tiles

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using matte tiles.


There are numerous advantages of matte tile finishes. Some of them include:

  • Little maintenance: Matte finish tiles require less frequent cleaning as they tend to hide stains and scratches. They are a popular choice for busy areas because they are easy to clean.
  • Non-slippery: Matte tiles don’t slip because they have more friction than glossy tiles. This makes them the best choice for bathrooms and other damp areas. Matte floor tiles are also safer if you have kids or pets.


The installation of matte tiles in your home is not without issues. Below are some of the cons of matte finishes:

  • Presence of more stains: The matte finish tiles will be difficult to clean if something spills. Stains are challenging to remove from matte tile floors because they are not as smooth as gloss tiles.
  • Unideal for lighter rooms: The best option for a small room with little natural light is matte tiles because they do not reflect light. It will close rather than create more space.

Matte Or Glossy Tiles Easier To Clean

Pros and Cons of Using Glossy Tiles

Below is the good and bad side of using glossy tiles:


Below are some of the pros why tiles with a gloss finish are the best for your home:

  • Simple to clean: Gloss tiles are smooth, making removing stains simple. The tiles will be spotless with just one swipe and are simple to keep.
  • Ideal for wall sections: Gloss tiles are ideal for bathroom and kitchen backsplashes and walls because they are slippery. Glossy wall tiles are available in various looks, from trendy to elegant.


There are numerous detrimental issues related to tiles with gloss finishes. The main one is explained below:

  • Slippery: Glossy tiles with a mirror-like finish are unsuitable for older people, pets, or children. Bathrooms and other wet areas are not the best places for glossy floor tiles because they become even slipperier when wet.

Tips on Cleaning Matte Tiles

Dirt and dust stick to matte tiles, making them challenging to clean. Here are four cleaning techniques you should keep in mind:

  • Clean with a wet mop
  • Use warm water and vinegar to clean
  • Clean at least once per week
  • Utilise a gentle cleaner designed for a matte surface.

Tips on Cleaning Glossy Tiles

You can clean glossy tiles in various ways to make them shine. Here are a few quick fixes that will restore the lustre to your tiles:

  • Remove the grout
  • Clean them frequently to prevent them from deteriorating over time
  • Use gentle cleansers to prevent dull floors
  • Do not clean high-gloss tiles using acid or bleach.

Final Thoughts

Both gloss and matte tiles are designed to last for many years, which requires regular cleaning and maintenance. However, keep in mind that the different tiles require different approaches to cleaning. Your personal preferences will help you to determine the best type of tile that is the easiest to clean.

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Both gloss and matte tiles create unique patterns with minimal detail. Glossy tiles open up and brighten your space, while the matte tiles on the floor prevent slipping. However, keeping them clean and looking their best is vitally important.

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