Limestone is a calcium-based natural stone a stunningly beautiful but also prone to getting dirty. Limestone is inherently porous and will allow dirt to seep deep into the material, creating a dirty look and feel. Unfortunately, when the dirt and grime are allowed to settle in the limestone material for a long time, cleaning to its original stunning look will be impossible without industrial cleaning machines.

That is why it is recommended to clean your limestone tiles regularly. Regular cleaning is essential for high-traffic areas like walkways, pool surrounds, garden paths and driveways.

Benefits of Cleaning Outdoor Limestone Pavers

There are numerous benefits to cleaning outdoor limestone tiles. These include:

  • Enhances the durability of the tiles 
  • Keeps your pavers clean 
  • Regular cleaning of outdoor limestone pavers will save you money in the long run 
  • Enhances the aesthetics of your compound 
  • Cleaning prevents the surface of limestone from becoming slimy due to the growth of algae 

How Clean Outdoor Limestone Pavers

Steps in Outdoor Limestone Pavers Cleaning

Like any other stone, you can clean limestone pavers. However, unlike some stones, you need to use specific cleaning supplies to protect the stone and not corrode it in any way. 

Step #1: Gather Your Supplies – Gather all the items you need to clean your limestone pavers. The items include personal protective equipment (such as rubber gloves and goggles), a bucket with water, a broom, stiff brush, dustpan, mop and soap.

Step #2: Sweep The Pavers To Remove Dirt And Debris – Sweep as much dirt and debris from your pavers as possible. You need to try and remove as much of the deep-set dirt and debris stuck in crevasses.

Step #3: Rinse The Pavers With Water – Rinse the pavers with a hose. Use a pressure cleaner if you own one or have access to one for even better results. Just makes sure the pressure is set on the lowest setting.

Step #4: Scrub – Add soap to your bucket of water and mix thoroughly. With your rubber gloves on, scrub the pavers with a stiff brush and soapy water. Rinse the pavers with clean water.

Step #5: Remove Stubborn Stains – For stubborn stains, mix one-part bleach or hydrogen peroxide and three parts warm water to create a cleaning solution. Pour this homemade stone cleaner on the stain and scrub with a stiff brush. Rinse the pavers with a hose or pressure cleaner. Follow this by drying the pavers with a garden blower or the like.

Step #6: Seal The Limestone Surface – Reseal the limestone pavers to prevent dirt and grime from settling in its pores.

Tips to Clean Your Outdoor Limestone Pavers

  • Wash and rinse as you go. As you clean the paver, do so in sections at a time. Do not allow the cleaning solution to dry on the limestone surface. Allowing the cleaning solution and residue to dry will leave unsightly smudges and streaks that might be difficult to clean later.
  • Where possible, place a mat to catch any grit that will be abrasive to the sealant. Negating the amount of grit the limestone pavers are exposed to will prevent high rates of sealant degradation.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your limestone pavers is one of the best ways of protecting your investment. If you neglect your limestone pavers, you will incur huge costs due to restoration or replacement of certain tiles. On the other hand, if you clean the tiles, you protect the tiles from damage and, in fact, enhance their durability.

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