You probably already know how elegant and sophisticated natural stone tiles can make just about any space feel. However, natural stone cleaning can be very challenging, especially if you don’t know the best way to maintain them on a regular basis. That being said, don’t worry!

In today’s blog, we have five tips for maintaining your natural stone tiles to help you keep your precious tiles looking like new. So let’s get going and uncover the secrets of a stunning natural stone floor!

Tip 1: Sweep Or Vacuum Regularly

Regular sweeping or vacuuming is one of the most crucial things you can do to keep your natural stone tiles looking brand new. Although it might seem like a no-brainer, many people fail to realize the long-term effects that dust, dirt, and other debris can have on the appearance of their tiles.

Stone tiles can easily accumulate dirt and dust, especially in areas with a lot of traffic, making them dull and lose their lustre. Sweep or vacuum your floors frequently, at least once a week, or more frequently as necessary, to avoid this from happening.

Use a soft-bristled broom or a vacuum with a hard floor attachment to sweep your stone tiles to prevent scratching the surface. To get rid of any last bits of dust or dirt, you can also use a microfiber mop.

Your natural stone tiles will look their best if you sweep or vacuum them frequently. You’ll also help avoid scratches and other damage that could develop over time. You can therefore enjoy the beauty of your natural stone tiles if you make it a habit to keep your floors clean.

Tip 2: Mop With Warm Water And A Gentle Cleaner

Mopping your natural stone tiles with warm water and a gentle cleaner is a simple yet effective way to keep them looking like new. It’s important to avoid harsh chemicals and acidic cleaners that can damage the stone’s surface.

To get started, fill a bucket with warm water and add a small amount of gentle cleaner. You can use a pH-neutral cleaner that’s specifically designed for natural stone, or you can make your own solution by mixing a small amount of mild dish soap or vinegar with warm water.

Dip your mop into the solution and wring it out until it’s damp but not dripping. Then, begin mopping your tiles, making sure to cover every inch of the surface. If you come across any stubborn stains, you can use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub them away.

Once you’ve finished mopping, use a clean, damp mop or cloth to rinse away any leftover cleaner. Then, use a dry mop or towel to soak up any excess water and prevent water spots from forming.

By regularly mopping your natural stone tiles with warm water and a gentle cleaner, you’ll keep them looking clean and shiny for years to come.

Tip 3: Clean Up Spills Immediately

Spills are inevitable, and they happen to everyone, but when it comes to natural stone tiles, cleaning them up as soon as possible is essential. Natural stone is porous, which means it can absorb liquids and stains if left unattended.

Whether it’s wine, juice, or any other liquid, the key is to act quickly. First, use a dry cloth or paper towel to soak up as much of the spill as possible. Then, use a damp cloth or sponge with warm water and a mild cleaner to clean the area thoroughly. Avoid using any acidic or harsh cleaners as they can damage the stone surface.

It’s also important to note that some spills, such as those from acidic substances like vinegar or lemon juice, can cause etching or dullness on the stone surface, even if cleaned up immediately. So, it’s always best to avoid spilling such substances on natural stone tiles.

Keeping Natural Stone Tiles Looking New

Tip 4: Use Doormats And Area Rugs

Prevention is always better than cure, and the same applies to natural stone tile care. One of the best ways to prevent damage to your tiles is by using doormats and area rugs.

By placing doormats at the entrances of your home, you can prevent dirt, sand, and other debris from being tracked onto your floors. This will not only keep your natural stone tiles looking cleaner, but it will also reduce the amount of wear and tear on them.

In addition to doormats, you can also use area rugs in high-traffic areas of your home, such as hallways and entryways. This will provide an extra layer of protection for your tiles and help to reduce the risk of scratches and other damage.

When choosing doormats and area rugs, be sure to select ones that are made from materials that won’t scratch or damage your tiles. Avoid using mats with rubber or latex backing, as these can cause discolouration and damage to your tiles over time.

Tip 5: Have Your Natural Stone Tiles Professionally Cleaned And Sealed

Despite your best efforts, your natural stone tiles will still need a deep clean from time to time. This is where professional cleaning and sealing comes in.

Professional cleaners have the necessary equipment and expertise to clean your tiles deeply without causing damage. They can also identify and address any problems with your tiles, such as scratches or cracks, before they become more serious.

Sealing your natural stone tiles is also important, as it helps to protect them from future damage. A sealant will create a barrier that repels water, oil and other substances that could stain or harm your tiles. A professional can help you choose the best sealant for your specific type of natural stone and apply it correctly.

It’s important to note that natural stone tiles should be professionally cleaned and sealed at least once a year. This will ensure that they remain in top condition for many years to come.

In conclusion, by following these 5 tips, you can keep your natural stone tiles looking like new for years to come. Remember to sweep or vacuum regularly, mop with warm water and a gentle cleaner, clean up spills immediately, use doormats and area rugs, and have your tiles professionally cleaned and sealed at least once a year. With a little bit of effort and care, you can enjoy the natural beauty of your stone tiles in the long future.

Final Thoughts

Natural stone tiles are a beautiful addition to any home or business, but they require proper care and maintenance to keep them looking like new. By following these five tips – sweeping or vacuuming regularly, mopping with warm water and a gentle cleaner, cleaning up spills immediately, using doormats and area rugs, and having your tiles professionally cleaned and sealed – you can ensure that your natural stone tiles maintain their beauty and longevity for years to come. With a little bit of effort and attention, you can enjoy the stunning and durable benefits of natural stone tiles in your space.

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