Are you in love with your natural stone benchtop? Do you know how to keep it clean and free of stains? Do you constantly worry about ruining it?

Stone benchtops are classy, exquisite and a natural marvel. They add class to your home. However, you do need to be aware of certain do’s and don’ts to keep enjoying its natural, bright and shiny surface. It won’t take you hours but just a few small things can go a long way in helping you clean and polish your stone benchtop so you can maintain its freshness.

Benefits of Stone Benchtop Caring

Every stone benchtop requires a little tender love and care. Spend a few minutes each day to care for your stone benchtop and the results will be there for all to see. Here’s a quick list of the major advantages of taking regular care of your stone benchtop:

  • Keeps it looking shiny and fresh
  • Maintain stain resistance
  • Prevents dullness
  • Saves money on restoration

6 Do’s to Keep Your Stone Benchtop Clean

1). Clean them every day

An easy way to ensure a crystal clear clean finish of your stone benchtop is to ensure regular cleaning each day. Make it part of your daily routine. It shouldn’t take you long. Once your work is done, wipe down the surface with a warm soapy cloth. Make sure you always use a soft and clean cloth.

2). Spills Happen — Clean Right Away

You cannot wish away spills. No matter how hard you try, spills are always going to happen. However, it does not mean that you can’t do anything about it and that you have to live with a stained surface. Whenever there is a spill, use a paper towel to soak up the liquid immediately. Don’t wipe it too hard. Give it time to soak up the liquid and once no residue is visible, take a clean, damp cloth and wipe the surface to clean it completely. The worst thing you can do is ignore a spill.

3). Using the Right Cleaning Supplies

A common mistake is the use of a cleaning soap that should never be used on a stone surface. Ideally, only a neutral soap should be used.

4). Clean A Stain Carefully

Dealing with a hardened stain takes patience. Do not try to scratch it off with a metal knife or spoon. Use plastic and work it slowly to remove it. Don’t panic or push too hard.

A poultice is a good option for removing hardened stains. Choose a poultice that is specifically designed for the stone surface you need to clean.

5). Call a Professional for Cleaning

If you have had your stone benchtop for several years, and it is looking rather dull, it is time to call professionals to restore it to its original shine and natural beauty. Don’t hire amateurs to save a few dollars — it will prove to be expensive.

6). Use Insulated Mats, Chopping Boards and Trivets

The stone surface is heat resistant. If you put extremely hot things directly on the surface, it might cause discolouration and in extreme cases, lead to cracks.

How to Care for Stone Benchtops

6 Don’ts to Keep Your Stone Benchtop Clean

1). Don’t Let The spills Stay Long

Ignoring those spills can get expensive. If you don’t clean the spills right away, the surface will stain and that’s not something you want. This is why you should never ignore spills, especially those acidic ones such as citrus juices, pasta sauce or wine.

2). Never Wipe Right Away

Make sure you do not wipe away the spill directly. Put a paper towel on it and let it soak. If you wipe it right away, it will just spread everywhere and make things worse. Let the paper towel soak away as much liquid as it can and then, then use a soft cloth to clean the surface.

3). Stay Away from Harsh Cleaners

If you want to keep your stone benchtop looking exquisitely clean and shiny, make sure you use the right cleaners. Stay away from bleach, acidic cleaners, silicon-based sprays and wipes, abrasive cleaners or any other harsh chemicals. These can cause extensive damage to the benchtop. Also, never use nail polish remover or paint remover on the stone surface.

4). Don’t Scratch or Scrub the Surface

If you are in the habit of using an abrasive or harsh cleaning cloth on the stone benchtop, stop right away. Do not use steel wool or other such abrasive cleaning supplies as these can wipe away the top sealant and expose the underlying surface leading to discolouration and other issues.

5). Don’t Cut Directly on the Surface

There are so many styles of chopping boards out there. Use them for cutting. Don’t use your benchtop as a cutting surface.

6). Don’t Expose the Surface to Extreme Heat

It is natural to want to put hot pans or hot dishes taken directly from the stovetop or the oven, directly on the stone benchtop. If these stay on the surface for too long, it will eventually lead to discolouration. In short, don’t test the surface with extreme heat.

Final Thoughts

Stone benchtops are expensive. You need to take good care of the stone surface to keep it looking exquisite and maintain its shiny, mirror-like surface. Follow the above mentioned do’s and don’ts to maintain your benchtop. Also, hire the services of a professional to restore the stone benchtop to its original clean and shiny look if you have not given it a thorough clean for an extended period of time.

Quality Stone Polishing Services by the Stone Restorer

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